The AST Program offered exclusively at Exilerate℠ Skydiving School in Las Vegas costs $3950.00 (USD).  The price is All-inclusive, it includes all of your training, jumps, equipment and instructions. There are no hidden fees or fuel surcharges.  Does not include repeat dives, USPA Membership and license fees, wind tunnel time.

Included in the price are:

  • 25 Jumps
  • 21 Jumps with Instructor / Mentor
  • 2 x Training Tandem Jumps – Level # 1 & 2
  • 4 – 5 days of Ground School
  • All Ground Prep, Practice and Training
  • 18 x AST Jump Levels
  • 1 x 5500 foot jump
  • 1 x 3500 foot jump
  • 1 x Check dive
  • All Skydiving Equipment and Accessories
  • Parachute Packing
  • Parachute Packing Class
  • Aircraft Spotting Class
  • Instructors
  • Aircraft
  • Pilot
  • Facility
  • Video on 21 jump
  • Virtual Reality Training (During Ground School)
  • Wind Tunnel Flight Training (not the flights time)

Not included in the price:

  • Repeat levels (Tandem or AST Levels)
  • USPA Membership – $65 USD Paid to USPA Directly
  • A-License Cost – $30 USD Paid to USPA Directly
  • Wind Tunnel flights – Paid to wind tunnel Directly
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Transportation

According to the USPA (United States Parachute Association) in order to get your A-license, a skydiver must:

  1. Complete a minimum of 25 jumps.
  2. Complete all requirements laid out by the USPA A License Proficiency Card.
  3. Make five skydives with one or more other people.
  4. Have their skydiving license stamped by the USPA.
  5. Pass the USPA written and oral exams.

The Advanced Training Program or (AST) is the result of 35 years of knowledge, experience and understanding of skydiving.  It is the most advanced and comprehensive skydive training method available on the plant today!  The AST Program consists of 21 one-on-one coached jumps utilizing the latest teaching technics, equipment, video and VR (Virtual Reality Training) to assist the learning process and provide the best learning opportunity for each and every student.  The AST Program far exceeds the standard requirements of USPA and all other training methods available today such as the 8 jump AFF or IAD programs to create better and knowledgeable skydivers.  AST Program is One-on-One training custom tailored to each individual student according to their personal schedule, ability to learn and ability to perform.

The AST Program is exclusively offered by Exilerate℠ – The Premier Skydiving School in Las Vegas located at Skydive Fyrosity®. 

It may appear that AFF costs less and the students get more, in reality however that is not the truth! 

Actually the AST Program offered by Exilerate℠ Skydiving School costs LESS than traditioonal AFF Programs: 

The cost of the AST program is $3950 (USD) for the entire program of 25 jumps or ($158 per jump) and includes: 
1. Tandem Level # 1
2. Tandem Level # 2
3. 5 days of Detailed ground school – theory and ground training
4. Personal Instructor for Wind Tunnel Training
5. Personal One-on-one Instructor
6. 25 jumps (with coach) – not on your own!
7. Meets all requirements for USPA A- License upon graduation

Lets break down AFF: 
Total Program cost – $4055
Average cost in USA – $2950 for 8 jumps or ($343.75 per jump) 
Minimum of additional 17 jumps with gear rental + slot on the plane – $1105 ($65 per jump)
What you get for $4055 via AFF program
1. 8 hours of ground school – not 5 days of detailed ground training and practice
2. 8 jumps with instructor – not 25 jumps
3. Different instructor every time
4. No personal one-on-one training.
5. Limited ground training 
6. No wind tunnel training
7. Does not meet the requirements for USPA A-License (since you need 25 jumps)
8. Student must teach themselves and make additional 17 jumps on their own to meet USPA requirements. AFF students make additional 20 – 25 jumps at cost $65 per jump ($30 for slot + $35 gear rental) to meet USPA requirements. Lets say you only need 17 additional jumps at $65 per jump at the cost of $1105. Cost of program $2950 + cost of additional (none coached) jumps $1105. Total cost for A-license and the AFF Program $4055


First and most important to understand is that Skydiving is an aviation activity! Each and very school has different operational cost due to location, aircraft used, state, federal taxes and permits, cost of aircraft fuel, staff, crew and many other associated costs.  Skydiving school requires, airport, air traffic control, many permits, airplane, fuel, trained pilots, trained instructors, parachute equipment, maintenance or aircraft, maintenance of parachute equipment, non-stop education of the instructors, hangars, classrooms, training tools and many other small invisible to the eye behind the scenes people, companies and every day utility bills – all required to complete your training which are very, very, very expensive.  At Exilerate℠ – The Premier Skydiving School in Las Vegas, we use the best of all and never cut corners when it comes to aviation and skydiving safety!  We use the best equipment and instructors!  Safety, knowledge and expertise costs a lot of money in 21st century!  The price we offer is the best possible price to accommodate all required training with best safety in mind, best trained instructors, best equipment and facilities in Las Vegas and the state of NV! 

It is a commitment on both sides!  Exilerate℠ – The Premier  Skydiving School in Las Vegas spares no time, efforts and goes above and beyond to provide the best training possible.  Such efforts require many hours of labor from the instructors and the school.  By paying in full you are letting us know you are committed to complete the training!  As a result, we commit to you 150%.

Over the last 30 years and through out extensive experience in training students, we have discovered that Payment is full is the best way for both sides!  We no longer accept Pay-as-you-go!  In the past Pay-as-you-go was the way to go!  However, the students who selected the Pay-as-you-go option – never graduated!  We don’t want to waist your time and money as well as ours! 

In some extremely rate instances, yes!

The skydiving instructors at

Exilerate℠ are 2nd generation skydivers, competitors and professional skydiving instructors with 30 + years in the sport with deep traditions in European and American skydiving dating back to the 1960’s

In order to learn as much as possible, you will have 2 or 3 different instructors throughout your training.  Although the training method is the same, each instructor teaches differently and has different approach to exercises and tasks each student needs to perform, therefore giving each student the opportunity to learn as much as possible from as many instructors as possible.

Traditional ground school with the AFF / IAD method is 7 – 10 hours and a jump immediately after the ground school or the next day!  At Exilerate℠ – The Premier Skydiving School in Las Vegas, we do not believe in such extremely limited ground training as it puts a lot of stress and pressure on the student.  Many students do not continue the skydive training due to the stress they endure during the ground school and after they complete the 1st jump after the ground school – they never come back!   Therefore, the ground school at Exilerate℠ Skydiving School is broken down in small portions over 4 – 5 day period, which includes knowledge, psychology, all ground practical training, easy for the student to learn and comprehend the overwhelming amount of information without the pressures and stress that comes with other training methods used by other schools. 

Each student will make 1 jump per day until AST Level 3.  After the student successfully completes Level 3, the student will make as many jumps per day as the student can handle and or the weather permits.

The AST Program is a Tandem Progression system.  Each student must meet a particular criteria and must accomplish very specific tasks assigned by the instructor.  The 2 Training Tandem Jumps are required to introduce and prepare the student for the rest of the training.  The 2 Training Tandem jumps are respectfully Tandem Level # 1 and Tandem Level # 2.  Only after TL # 1 and TL # 2 are completed the student can move to Ground School portion of the training.

The tandem jumps you have already completed do count toward your A-License, however, the AST Program has very particular assignments and tasks that must be completed as part of the training.  The Tandem Training jumps are very specific and not only evaluate the students ability to learn, but also lay the ground foundation for the rest of the training.  Short answer is, we can not skip TL # 1 and TL # 2.  That would be as if you are learning to fly a plane without an instructor next to you.

Yes!  Skydiving is a weather dependent activity!  Weather is a factor and there are specific limitations incorporated by USPA and by Exilerate℠ Skydiving School to make sure that Safety is never compromised!  Weather factor can and will extend the time of your training if you are not able to skydive due to bed weather days.

12 – 14 days! However, that depends on the student’s personal schedule, weather, student’s ability to learn and perform the assigned tasks.  Most students complete the training in 30 days and in some cases as long as 3 months.  It all depends on you!  We skydive every day weather permitting! 

That would be ideal, wouldn’t it?  Get in, get out and you are a skydiver!  We all wish it worked instantly, but the reality is completely different!   There are schools out there, that will advertise “Learn to skydive in 3 or 5 days”.  Beware!  Can you learn to fly an airplane in 3 or 5 days safely?  Unfortunately, this is a marketing gimmick used as a “hook and bait” to get the customer in.  Can you jump within 3 to 5 days? Yes you can!  You will be able to complete very basic and rushed ground school of 8 hours and make one AFF jump with 2 instructors, under a lot of stress, but to learn how to skydive safety, and the key word is SAFELY,  is a whole entirely different experience which requires a lot and completely different type of training.  Never forget –  Skydiving is DANGEROUS! No question about it!  But, it can be done safely with proper non-rushed training!  Proper training and learning the critical skills to be safe for yourself and everyone else around you takes a lot of  time and has many elements, variables and critical factors as part of it.  The choice is 100% yours!

The AFF Program:

AFF Program (Accelerated Freefall) is a program consisting of Ground School 6 – 8 hours and total of 7 – 8 jumps.  Very accelerated training with limited resources! After you complete your 8 jumps you are on your own!  You are not a licensed skydiver yet, and you can not skydive anywhere else since you will be considered a “student under supervision”  You will have to figure things out on your own to complete all the requirements set by USPA for your A-License. 

The AST Program:

The AST Program is the most advanced Progression training program designed to meet or exceed the requirements for your A-License. The program is 25 jumps!  You will do 21 jumps with a coach who will guide you and prepare you for each and ever level.  One-on-One training, ground school, practice and jumps.  Extensive 4 – 5 days of ground school and ground training. Wind tunnel time to prep you for your AST Level jumps.  Up to date training methods, VR and Video training.  You are not on your own!  Takes you all the way to completing your A-License.  Once you graduate you can skydive at any Drop Zone!

Most DZ will say No!  Since USPA A-License requires 25 jumps, but you have less that 25 and you do not have your A-License issued by USPA, you are considered a “student under supervision”!  You are not licensed yet!  Other Drop Zones will have no way of knowing the quality of your training, skills and or verifying what you are telling them or the truth in your log book.  So before you skydive at other DZs after you complete your 8 jump AFF program, you will need to finish all requirements and get your license at the DZ where you completed your AFF training, since they know who you are and how you skydive, since they trained you! 

However, if you would like to skydive at another DZ with 8 jumps after your AFF training – but you are not licensed yet, the other DZ may suggest to complete your training according to the program the other DZ is using.  You may have to do Ground School again and an evaluation jump.

Yes, you can!  The AST Program is designed to take you from 0 to your A-License!  Once completed, you can skydive at any other DZ with your temporary signed license until USPA issues yours.  The temporary license is valid for 60 days of school signature.

Max weight is 220lb / 100kg

Exilerate℠ Skydiving School uses brand new, state of the art custom build student equipment.  Exilerate℠ Skydiving School work with the best Harness Container manufacturers, Canopy Manufacturers and skydiving accessories companies to provide the best tools and equipment for our student training program.

If you have RV, Camper or like the outdoors, Moapa Valley offers incredible outdoor opportunities.  If you like the luxury lifestyle, Vegas is only 55 min drive.  If you want to be close to the DZ in a nice hotel, we have that too.

Yes!  Wind tunnel is a fundamental part of your training.  The cost for the wind tunnel training is paid separately to the wind tunnel and is not included in the price ot the AST Program?

You will have to repeat the level, before you can move on!  There is additional cost involved for repeating a level, which is separate from the cost of the AST Program.